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Chief Operating Officer

Dallas, TX


The Chief Operations Officer provides leadership for all aspects of the company’s operations with an emphasis on long-term goals, growth, profit, and return on investment.  The COO is a key member of the senior management team, reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer.  The COO maintains control of diverse business operations. The company culture requires excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the ongoing operations of all divisions in the company.

  • Manages and directs the company toward its primary goals and objectives.

  • Oversees employment decisions at the facility level of the company.

  • Leads a team of managers impacting best practices toward profitability and growth.

  • Promotes communication and cooperation among facilities and associates to create a spirit of unity in the organization.

Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Works with the CEO, and other executives to establish short-term objectives and long-range goals, and related plans and policies.

  • Presents regular reports on the status of the company’s operations to the CEO and board of directors and to company staff.

  • Understands the organization’s financial structure and private equity partnership, ensuring adequate operational alignment to support sound funding for the mission and goals of the company and investment partners.

  • Review the financial results of all operations, comparing them with the company’s objectives and taking appropriate measures to correct unsatisfactory performance and results.

  • Ensures the company’s compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards.Manage relationships with partners, suppliers, and vendors.

  • Leads employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication.

  • Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics.

  • Performs other related duties to benefit the mission of the organization.


Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Prior Profit and Loss management of 250mm+.

  • Private equity backed experience or public company experience.

  • Ability to manage oversight of 50+ locations.

  • Excellent managerial and financial skills and the ability to take leadership over any business operations area.

  • Superlative communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate as a leader.

  • Thorough understanding of management and financial practices in all areas and phases of business operations.


Education and Experience:

  • Extensive professional experience in leadership roles.

  • Prefer investment banking experience.

  • Must possess a strong service-based disposition.

  • Education may vary; an advanced degree in business administration, finance, preferred, but not required.

  • Six Sigma certification or knowledge desired

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