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Barbie Allen

My job search efforts were fully supported and guided by my PMG career advisor Robert (Bob) Wilson.  He helped me navigate the ins and outs of finding my next opportunity.  I learned a lot from Bob with regards to networking and outreach to companies I was interested in.  Interviewing tips, tricks, and practice was invaluable time spent.  The journey proved to be quite challenging for me with many disappointing moments of crickets, no interest, doors closing or not opening at all.  Bob helped to encourage me through those times providing a perfect amount of support to keep me with a positive attitude and approach until I successfully landed a new role.  The process works, even when it feels daunting at times.  I’m grateful for the partnership and relationship I had with my Career Advisor.  Bob is awesome and I thank him for his time and commitment to helping me all the way to the finish line!

Vincius Lima

The Paul Mitchell Group is outstanding. Upon my first meeting with Drew I was impressed with the level of professionalism and the time he took to understand my position and needs. Working with Mandie was fantastic. She worked directly with me to identify my top skills and accomplishments and create a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile. She coached me through interviewing techniques, social media and networking in the industry to ensure my branding and message was aligned with my career search. Ultimately she helped me to build confidence and strengthen my skills to land my dream job at Google. Originally I applied to Google prior to joining the Paul Mitchell Group and was turned down for the opportunity. Mandie encouraged me to reapply for the position and worked with me at each step to ensure I was prepared and ready to succeed. The position had been open for 6 months and thousands of applicants applied. I truly attribute my success with Google to the work I did with Mandie and highly recommend the Paul Mitchell Group to anyone who is looking for long term career success.

Craig Warren

I would recommend the Paul Mitchell Group to any mid to upper management individuals seeking a change. I found the team to be professions, realistic in setting expectations and extremely helpful. Mandie Benavidez is the best. She helped me through the process of writing my resume, updating my LinkedIn profile and prepare for upcoming interviews. Mandie was always available to take my call or to meet in person. She was positive, encouraging, focused and a joy to work with.

Troy Bodrero

There are many jobs that you can look for and get but finding the perfect job that is fun is a different story. Mandie and the rest of the Paul Mitchell team prepared me to get that perfect job. Mandie prepared me for Senior Level Interviews and provided direction on effective followups, provided guidance on effective use of LinkedIn and how to negotiate my offer.

Timothy Jackson

The Paul Mitchell Talent Management Group is, by far, the most outstanding and professional talent management organization! In a very sensitive time for me in my career, they stepped into my life and helped me to SUCCESSFULLY navigate the ever-changing world of hiring and recruitment. Within weeks of working with them, I learned more about myself, both personally and professionally, than I could have ever imagined. From my resume, to interview skills, to confidence, they brought out the best in me that I never thought possible. To Mandie and Drew - Thank you for your unwavering confidence in me and for helping me find the perfect career in a completely different industry in a time-frame I never thought imaginable. I am forever thankful for you and your organization.

For anyone who needs these types of services, I would hands-down HIGHLY recommend the Paul Mitchell Talent Management Group.

Dennis Flynn

Often times as a corporate executive, having an objective party to collaborate, bounce ideas and strategies off of is rare. Well I found this in Jason and value our exchanges we shared. This really helped clarify my path. Thank you for your assistance in my professional development.

Kristi Pfeilsticker

After applying for a position I was contacted by Paul to go over the details to assure I wood be a good fit. Paul was very professional, detailed and answered all my questions. This gave me the confidence that I needed to nail the interview. Thank you Paul!

Greg Ricks

I thought the whole process was extremely helpful. Jason’s objectivity, approach, and candidness I found to be incredibly helpful as we navigated through this developmental process. In the end I found a great job. Thank you!

Bill Rosenfeld

The exercises to better clarify my brand and professional contributions, I found to be extremely beneficial. Also, walking me through interview scenarios coupled with the discussions my coach and I had, I was able to synthesize the learning points and incorporate them to land a new position. Very excited to start and many thanks for your insights and assistance.

Mike Janson

As the company I worked for went through multiple transitions while being acquired I found that my job was eliminated and it would be time to find something new. I had been with that company for almost a decade and quickly realized that entire process of finding a new position that would take advantage of my knowledge and experience where I could make a significant contribution had changed significantly. Were it not for the folks at Paul Mitchell Group I would have floundered for quite a while. They helped me understand how the process worked and how to not only get my resume noticed, but get it to the right people. That is still only a portion of the battle. With the new systems they have in place and the current state of employment, there is a tremendous amount of competition for almost every job. They helped me create my personal marketing material and prepared me for the interviews that were to come.

I am very thankful for the folks at Paul Mitchell Group and the one on one attention they provided. I landed a job that I love making more than I made in my last position. I recommend them to anyone that finds themselves looking for a new position, either voluntarily or due to a change in their current company.


Thank you PMG for helping me successfully transition my career. Educating me on Applicant Tracking Systems (their purpose, how they work, and how to work with them) coupled with follow up techniques (and their importance) I found to be very beneficial. Also, partnering with my advisor (from orientation up through the negotiation process) helped me maintain objectivity through this very unfamiliar phase of a career transition. This was extremely helpful especially when looking to move out of state. Looking forward to starting my next chapter. Thank you once again.

Philip Maddox

When developing my resume, this program helped shift my mind set and apply greater focus on the consumer. The assignments deconstructed my experience and re-built it with greater focus tailored to my target market audience. Lastly, the negotiation assistance, having an objective party (my coach) available to work through different scenarios was extremely valuable. Thank you PMG for your assistance in helping me transition into my next role.

Tony Runfola

PMG helped me understand the current landscape of job searches, especially learning how to use Linked In as a tool for proactively exploring the market. Being new to the Phoenix market also required building a local network and that started with Linked In and the new connections I made on the site. The support and knowledge the PMG group provided helped me stretch my boundaries and find a role where I can hit the ground running while being in a position that will allow for great personal growth as well. The process made me more focused in targeting, applying, and interviewing and able to present myself with a better employer-based emphasis. Very excited to start my next career chapter.

Stephan Sullivan

I was able to utilize Paul Mitchell Talent Management Group to reinvest in my future as I re-entered the job market. The team there is talented and with the clear mission of fulfilling the wish/need balance that everyone experiences in career advancements and changes. Through their concise program of redesigning your marketability, resume strength, interview capabilities, and search focus and vetting they were truly able to position me not just as a great leadership candidate but overall as a good investment for future leadership roles with my company.

Mandie Benavidez helped navigate the in's and out's of the employment arena, changes and opportunities. Her expertise in style coaching, behavior, and speaking mechanics was invaluable to tool me for when I was ready to push to the next level. She not only was highly empathetic but also displayed immense emotional intelligence to truly embrace my desired end result. As a team we achieved every milestone which ultimately led me to an amazing position.

Barry Bennington

Very professional organization that truly cares about its client's well-being. Mandie Benavidez was amazing to work with! She's an expert in her field, extremely accommodating and an overall pleasure to work with. If you are a business professional looking for help in finding a new career, I highly recommend Paul Mitchell Group.

Victoria Cramer

This group of folks is top notch. You might assume that 5 stars is because they landed me a great career, but the reality is that my own network landed me the opportunity I decided to what did Paul Mitchell Talent Management Group do for me then? They gave me confidence, an incredible resume, an understanding of what it takes to create a position for yourself when you are at the SVP or higher levels in an organization, they created great marketing materials for my personal brand, and in particular Mandie Benavidez helped me create momentum for writing my second book, designing scaleable programs, and additional revenue streams, because she saw the entrepreneur in me.

Scott Hullinger

Mandie, Drew and the entire team at Paul Mitchell (including Paul) were absolutely fantastic to work with. I learned a great deal in the two months that I worked with Mandie, and appreciate the professionalism that I was shown throughout the process. I am grateful for the work that the team put in for me.

Kimberly Dinville

After working for the same company for over 10 years, I was struggling to transition to a new role after the closure of our Arizona facilities. Jason and Mandie at Paul Mitchell were extremely helpful, particularly with updating and writing a powerful resume. They helped me take a step back and go from looking at my performance achievements as just "another day at the office" and instead look at how these items appear to an outside entity. This process has not only made me rethink how we approach the job hunt, but also how we go about conducting performance reviews for ourselves & our direct reports.

Mark Schwartz

As a financial professional, with a carefully cultivated network and a track record, I engaged Paul Mitchell Talent Management Group (PMTMG) to help me: 1) focus my job search; 2) sharpen my professional profile online; and 3) coordinate my job seeking activities. My goal was to ensure that mine was a coherent approach that would enable me to secure an appropriate position, given my experience and expertise. I am happy to report that Paul, Drew, Mandie and the entire team exceeded my expectations and helped me realize my goal. I therefore heartily recommend PMTMG to any executive-level professional, looking to reinvent themselves and step up to the next level!

David Gilmore

While transitioning to a new career opportunity, I discovered the Paul MItchell Talent Management Group. Working with my adviser, Jason; I was able to prioritize my objectives and review my opportunities more critically. I secured an ideal position and am thriving. Thank you Jason and the Paul Mitchell Group


Working for years as an executive I had a great deal of experience with interviewing candidates. When I decided it was time to change careers, I realized sitting on the other side of the table wasn't within my comfort zone. Paul Mitchell Group was exactly what I needed. They began by listening and understanding me, helped me realize my strengths, and developed a resume one could be proud of. There is no doubt their efforts made me a better candidate and enabled me to quickly succeed. I would and have recommended them to others. They are a special, caring group.

Cory Guindon

Working for the same company for 20+ years, I suddenly found myself in career transition. So much has changed since the last time I had looked for an opportunity. Working with a Transition Coach (Jason), I found this to be very helpful in navigating through the nuances of a career transition. Happy to say, I started my next challenge and it’s good to be back in.

Nicholas Cassaday

They evaluated my skills, education, character and using my background, experience, work history and specific interests, narrowed the job market to a small subset of quality opportunities best suited for me. I got an immediate sense that they wouldn't waste my time or theirs if they didn't truly feel they could find not just a job, but a career best suited for me. In a short amount of time, I received an offer for a position within an expanding division of a company, in an industry where limitations are minimal, and I gladly accepted. My only regret was that I wasted six months, aimlessly job hunting before I knew they existed. Thanks PMG… I don’t vouch for many, but I WILL be recommending you to others.

Chris Marshall

It’s been a while since I have had to look for my next career move. Meeting with PMG helped me understand the new landscape and sharpen my ability to interview. Also collaborating with my adviser (in person and getting away from my computer) really helped me stay on task, navigate, and transition effectively.

Jason F

Thank you Paul Mitchell Group for your support during my job search.  I got a lot out of our visits and your process.  It kept me focused and even gave an old bird like me a boost in self-confidence.

Jeff Ward

I particularly like the emphasis my adviser placed on the things that would me a more attractive candidate, like polishing my resume and interview practice. I believe that both of these contributed to my success in finding a new position.

John Harcharik

Jason was extremely helpful in all aspects. He helped me understand
and re-write my resume to focus on my current experiences. He also helped me navigate through the interview and offer response processes.
In addition, he showed me all of the "hidden" features of using Linkedin to effectively improve my profile and locate suitable job opportunities. It was a pleasure working with this organization.


Mandie, Drew and the entire team at Paul Mitchell (including Paul) were absolutely fantastic to work with. I learned a great deal in the two months that I worked with Mandie, and appreciate the professionalism that I was shown throughout the process. I am grateful for the work that the team put in for me.

Scott Hullinger

As an HR professional, I thought I had interviewing down to a tee! Karen pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that my approach was selling myself short. Her recommendations and coaching were invaluable and taught me to really sell all my years of experience in a way that made employers sit up and take notice. It was a great collaborative experience and I really appreciate her help and expertise!

Casey Reed

I was searching for the right agency to help me make a career change in a tough market, and I am happy to have made the connection. Most of all, i was very happy to have Jason Jurek's help and insights. He was encouraging throughout the entire process and ultimately with Jason's help I was able to land a solid opportunity. Many Thanks!

Mark Sobczyk

The old adage, “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” …is not always the case. The Paul Mitchell Group team – especially Jason Jurek— provided the input and guidance to help maneuver through the transition process, improve my resume, and sharpen my interviewing skills. I found the position I wanted at the salary I desired within four months of my initial meeting. Thank you Paul Mitchell Group!

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