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In these challenging employment times, a record number of professionals are discovering that the old search methods just don’t apply today. Many have shared with us through personal searches that far exceed the average length of time resulting in significant income loss, or opportunities falling below their experience level again resulting in income loss, or in most cases, no contact for interviews for a variety of reasons that most job seekers are not trained to recognize. The traditional methods in previous job markets including recruiters, placement agencies, outplacement and search firms, are too often proving insufficient. Let’s face it, the market is overcrowded and traditional methods don’t provide the means for you to stand out or to be seen by decision level executives. This is all compounded by extended lapses on one's resume (three months or more), which inflicts questions to one's desirability over your competition.

For hiring personnel scanning through hundreds of resumes and conducting scores of interviews, applicants can easily begin resembling duplicates of other candidates. They see a lot of similar hype and headlines, but cannot grasp the real substance of so many candidates. It’s simply unmanageable and ineffective.


We help decision making executives see the full scope of the person behind the resume -- when executives discover the full value of our well-presented clients, real results occur.

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Paul Mitchell Group Talent Management team goes to great lengths to thoroughly understand each client's career, deriving value propositions for every accomplishment. Often, we uncover skills and achievements while minimizing limitations in a way that effectively capitalizes on talents and value. Paul Mitchell Group provides a personalized career assessment and career development plan. Meaningful mentoring by seasoned licensed professionals, compelling certified resumes and effective marketing literature, along with a full service marketing campaign providing time efficient results.

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