Phoenix, AZ

$120,000 - $150,000 Per Year


The title recommendation for this position at (Confidential) is President. Reporting only to the Executive Committee, the president ensures the organization’s goals are developed, continuously measured, refined and met. He or she directs all operational activities and will have extensive experience in    all facets of the entire manufacturing process. While Industry knowledge is a bonus, the right candidate will have an acute understanding of running a production infrastructure where process, quality throughput and fiscal accountability are absolutes.

Organizational Development:

The president will formulate organizational policies to enforce the firm’s vision and meet its goals. This includes setting operating procedures and standards of performance for employees. He or she will appoint the other top executives, departmental managers and supervisors. The president motivates employees through (EC approved) incentive compensation and recognition programs while setting the tone for developing the workplace culture through innovation and participation. DOES NOT MICRO-MANAGE but leads by example and clarity. Is a seasoned executive that understands how to maximize the entire organizations productivity through various forms of process and management skill sets.


Financial and Performance Metrics:

Will be the primary driver and governor of all critical metric measurement systems. With the insight from other executives the president formulates the company's operating budget to accomplish  short- and long-term financial goals while answering only to the E.C.. He or she must have an extensive background in manufacturing costing practices, throughput and supply chain depth, factory based financial management, personnel productivity to ensure all financial metrics are in sync with the company’s operating plan. The president needs skills in a number of production   areas in order to analyze and improve/cut operational costs where strategic without detrimental   long term consequences. All final financial, personnel, investment decisions are the president’s responsibilities

Position Requirements:

  • 5-7 years at a director or V.P. level in a manufacturing entity.

  • Minimum of a 4-year Bachelor degree.

  • Financial management and P&L responsibility for a manufacturing-based enterprise

  • Understands Capital Appropriation development, procedures, value analytics

  • Has a proven track record at building and managing diverse personnel

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