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Program Overview
Our program is simple and effective, consisting of 5 elements.
Program elements can be bundled or delivered individually to best meet practice needs.







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1) ASSESS: Gauge your work environment with an employee engagement survey; identifying strengths and opportunities. Survey results establish a baseline to guide behaviors and cultivate engaged employees. Engaged employees are proven to be more productive, innovative and contribute longer.
2) CLARIFY: Enhance the understanding team members have of each other through the lens of personality to increase individual and team effectiveness. Team members complete a personality inventory to gain insights into one’s preferred way of thinking, communicating, and interacting. These insights enable team members to work more effectively with each other (i.e. Front Office and Back Office collaboration).
3) COACH: Owner Doctor and/or Associate Doctors engage in two days of coaching with a Case Acceptance Specialist; learning techniques to remove Patient | Practice Barriers, Connecting with Patients, and how to Communicate Treatment Plans with greater close rates. Coaching sessions are conducted during the daily workflow for real-time feedback.
4) EVALUATE: Measure how well the team delivers on the Patient Experience. Leveraging four research-based customer expectations, clinicians and support staff are provided a competitive advantage to capitalize on what the patient expects during their visit; Mastering the Patient Experience.
5) LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS: Compare one’s leadership effectiveness to the perceptions of others they work with; identifying strengths, opportunities (blind spots), and action plans. Participants rate their level of agreement to leadership statements as they pertain to the subject. Responses are anonymous and batched together into groups based on their working relationship with the subject.
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