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Sell your Experiences with a Targeted Resume

This package is best for anyone desiring a government position – Federal, Military, Education, etc. or anyone with government history desiring a civilian career transition.

Federal, Military & Education Resumes 


  • A Federal Resume is the primary tool for the first phase of the government application process. A properly written Federal Resume will capitalize on your opportunities by displaying your relevant qualifications and achievements. Since mandated application changes went into effect, there is a greater emphasis on a more detailed Federal Resume that addresses specific details relevant to a specific vacancies. It is important to know that a Federal Resume must include key details required by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Military Transition Resumes 


  • If you are transition a military career, we will help your understand your unique set of skills, capabilities and how they may transfer to the civilian career world. Your skills are desirable to many civilian employers as long as the employer clearly understands how your skills relate to their organization and needs.


  • As an experienced professional, you need to be positioned as having the skills necessary to challenges in a civilian market. Your resume must demonstrate that you deliver results. We design a persuasive resume by converting your military history into civilian terminology while framing your most relevant skills and accomplishments.


  • A recommended Add-On option includes: Social Media Profile Development: Our social media profile development is the solution for improving your on-line profile and digital message... more


  • Our proprietary 5-STAR analysis questionnaire (5Star™) will draw out important areas of your background; our writing techniques will minimize potential liabilities and accentuate your accomplishments and skills for your next set of challenges. Our resume writing methods will furnish you with a commanding resume that positions you for success.

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