Corporate Outplacement /Transition Team

Your corporate outplacement and talent management requirements will be planned and executed flawlessly by a team of experts who customize and streamline services to meet your specific needs. The Paul Mitchell Outplacement team approaches your corporate transitions with four important factors in mind:

Unlike others who offer packaged service templates, we will streamline services so only relevant elements fitting your specific needs are provided thereby reducing unnecessary costs.


Ensuring a smooth transition for your management team, outplaced associates, as well as retained associates.


Assisting your transitioned employees with new positions as quickly as possible that match their career goals.


Help the retained employees focus on company objectives to maintain your company’s productivity.


Paul Mitchell Group’s Outplacement team provides a comprehensive and cost effective talent management program you and your company can rely on.


Cost sensitive and culturally intuitive best describes the Paul Mitchell Group Outplacement team’s approach. Supporting our client companies and their associates from planning and communication well beyond the critical event creates an effective and satisfying result.


Be cautious of virtual agencies with websites loaded with outdated job data and claim “Your employees will spend 50% less time in job search than their peers in the marketplace. They will also secure larger financial packages, and jobs related to their career goals.” No outplacement agency controls the employing or monetary decisions made by hiring companies, or controls the job market conditions specific to your associate’s skill sets. However, Paul Mitchell Group Outplacement team’s methodologies will guide your associates to the best opportunities given the many factors affecting your outplaced associates in these economic times.


Keeping up with technology trends, social networking, proactive campaign management and an in person face-to-face approach creates the formula for our successful talent transition approach. Whether your associates are mid-level through senior executives, each associate will receive professional services designed for their specific requirements.


As the Decision Maker responsible for the selection of an effective outplacement/transition service at your firm, you owe it to your associates and your budget to call and learn why the Paul Mitchell Group has the passion to be your best choice for this critical event.



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