Gary Graham, Phoenix, AZ

Manufacturing manager with over 20 years of experience in contract manufacturing for food, supplements and personal care products.  Proven track record of streamlining production, eliminating waste and advancing plant capabilities.  Experience closing and relocating plants, increasing revenue, and rolling up the sleeves when needed. 


Michelle Drage, Phoenix, AZ

High-performance executive who synthesizes macroeconomic, market, and competitive trends and business strengths into strategic business initiatives that drive international results. Transformational leader who consistently delivers significant impact on growth, translating expertise and understanding of people, processes, and systems gained from balanced business exposure into bottom-line results.


John Hawley, Phoenix, AZ

Senior operations and manufacturing leader with over 20 years of experience managing production facilities including engineering, operations and product distribution.  Chemical Engineer with a background in metals, alloys, and chemicals.  Supervised up to 110 employees and have expertise in strategic planning, lean manufacturing, P&L, and international supply chain. Recognized for building strong teams, managing expansions and having a consistent focus on quality and safety. 

Broadcast Engineer Executive

Marc Mills, Phoenix, AZ

Accomplished engineering executive with leadership experience driving strategic solutions, project management, quality assurance, and product development of complex business enterprises. Expertise in working with digital and analog signals and their interface into and out of products. Work with a wide variety of digital RF signals both designing and troubleshooting. 


Guy Carraux, Phoenix, AZ

Director with over 20 years of experience in project engineering management for the development of process facilities, mining environments and facilities construction.  Over 6 years of experience as VP of Operations with full service engineering companies.  Specialize in establishing strong project management processes, growing the business and increasing profit margins.  Proven track record for on time and on budget management and building strong client relationships.

Process & Manufacturing Engineer

Antonio Morales, Phoenix, AZ

Process Engineer with more than 16 years’ experience in high-tech manufacturing. Expertise with the development and qualification of assembly processes, process control, equipment installation, and factory physics. Known for complex troubleshooting, innovative problem solving, and skillful relationship building with cross-functional teams.


Augustus Rabara, Phoenix, AZ

​Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of industry experience and over 10 years’ experience as a program manager / chief engineer. Extensive experience managing the complete product life cycle including a focus on innovative technology, product roadmaps, and leadership. Experience in semiconductor, defense and aerospace industries. Specialized in complex design engineering, software integration, product development and automation.


Kyle Sikes, Phoenix, AZ

​Senior manufacturing manager and engineer with experience in production, quality, laboratory and safety in industrial and production environments. Proficiency in operations, maintenance, continuous improvement, production efficiency and cross-functional leadership. Have a passion for problem solving and training team members to improve outcomes.

Operations Executive / General Manager

James Smith, Phoenix, AZ

Operations leader with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and production associated with Over the Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals, clean energy and vitamins/supplements.  Focus on leadership, continuous improvement, measuring performance and positive impact to the bottom line. 

Senior Executive, General Manager, Industrial Engineer

Craig Hoffart, Phoenix, AZ

Global leader with a proven track record of producing positive business outcomes, operational excellence and sustainable results in an engineering environment.  Specialize in implementing strong and sustainable management principles and development techniques.  Experienced with lean concepts in manufacturing and being a trusted advisor. 

Operations Executive

Michael Fatigati, Phoenix, AZ

Global visionary leader who transforms disruptive ideas into commercially scalable commodities and processes in the alternative and biomass fuel, renewable energy/power, renewable fuels, chemical, environmental, waste, biotech and nutraceutical industries. Instrumental in developing, engineering and ramping up novel new concepts from pilot plant demonstrations to full-scale commercial production.

Design Engineer

Timothy Morrison, Phoenix, AZ

Brings more than 20 years of diverse engineering and management expertise in the semiconductor, medical, and heavy industry sectors.  Recognized for delivering desired results on schedule and within budget to gain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and maximize profit.

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