Senior Finance Executive | Budget & Strategic Planning Global Process Development | Continuous Improvement Employee Engagement | PMP

Chad Bhavsar, Phoenix, AZ

A versatile finance executive with a successful career analyzing, developing, and presenting detailed budgets and financial reports. Additionally, I have a keen ability for managing operations, driving process improvements to enhance profitability and minimize employee turnover.

Financial Executive | Budgeting & Reporting | M&A | Business Financing | Operational Management | Innovative Leadership

Randy Burger, Phoenix, AZ

Finance & Accounting professional who utilizes processes, procedures, and

strategies that result in compliance, reliability, and growth.  Versatile and

Strategic Financial Executive bringing more than twenty years of Operational

Accounting, Project Management and Finance experience.

Senior Finance Executive: CFO | SVP | VP

Melonie Tomlin, Phoenix, AZ

Strategic Thought Leader | Financial Sustainability | Business Transformation | Leadership & Culture Development


Versatile executive who develops competitive strategies that lead companies through change and challenge to operational and financial performance improvement. Deep financial acumen and extensive experience, working with executive teams to identify, evaluate, select and execute initiatives that achieve value-building goals.

Fiscal Discipline | Business Transformation | Technical Acumen | Continuous Improvement

Maurizio DiVito, Phoenix, AZ

Executive leader that distills complex business problems into tangible revenue and margin-driven sales growth; Leverages information technology solutions to exceed business requirements in terms of stability, effectiveness and efficiency. In command of an ever-changing array of tools that constantly push the envelope of innovation; implements high-level planning that drives the successful execution of initiatives with a relentless commitment to quality, employee engagement and customer satisfaction..

Operations Management | FinTech | Risk Management Modeling | Experienced Strategist | Critical Systems & Processes

Joe Campbell, Phoenix, AZ

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of software development in the highly dynamic and complex Derivatives / FinTech Industry. Expert experience identifying and characterizing the overarching trajectory of software development: what gets done, how it gets done; in an industry where the “what” and the “how” are subject to constant change. Constantly cultivating and developing skills and knowledge in financial risk and strategic systems and processes. 

Tax Partner | Financial Executive | CFO | Professional Services Firm COO

Rob Deines, Phoenix, AZ

A dynamic, results-oriented, hands-on leader with a strong track record of improving performance of a high-growth, fast-paced organizations. I have a broad skillset that includes client service, long term business development and day to day operations management.  Developed a unique approach to serving high net worth clients by working to develop wealth and tax strategies designed to accelerate financial freedom; working with many very successful entrepreneurs in industries such as real estate, retail, marketing and manufacturing

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